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Sahana System Limited, Established in 2012 distinguished by our CMMI Level-5 compliance, ISO 9001, and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, and our listing on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), we're an ISO-certified IT firm headquartered in Ahmedabad.



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Fintech & Banking

Revolutionize your financial experience Sahana System Limited provides cutting-edge solutions to Effortless Transaction, Intelligent Security and Data-driven decision.

Government & Public Sector

Our comprehensive services, from policy development to project management, are tailored to support efficiency, transparency, and public good. Partner with us to navigate the complex landscape of government and achieve impactful outcomes.

Technology for Defence

Unleash your force's potential. Sahana System Limited delivers advanced tech for secure comms, superior surveillance, next-gen defense systems, and AI-powered insights.

Healthtech & life science

Pioneering Health Tech for Better Outcomes. Developing innovative solutions to empower healthcare and improve lives.

Energy & Utilities

Sahana System Limited is a leader in clean technology, developing innovative solutions to address the world's energy challenges with Clean Tech for Sustainable Future.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Sahana System Limited empowers manufacturers with industry-leading technology solutions. We help you optimize production lines, maximize operational efficiency, and propel your manufacturing into the future.

Edtech & E learning

Ignite classrooms with our immersive EdTech solutions. Captivate learners of all styles with interactive content and personalized learning journeys. Equip educators with the tools to efficiently manage, track progress, and tailor instruction for every student.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Unleash the power of efficiency with Sahana System limited innovative logistics solutions. We streamline your operations, slash costs, and guarantee on-time, every-time deliveries.

Retail & E-Commerce

Elevate your brand with Sahana’s cutting-edge solutions. We streamline operations, boost customer engagement, and drive sales growth across all channels.

Hospitality & Tourism

Elevate your guest experience with Sahana’s innovative tech solutions. We help you personalize every stay, automate tasks for a frictionless experience, and boost revenue with data-driven strategies.
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The Wonders Of Technological Innovation

Technology is a sphere wherein there are new upgradations and inventions every single time of the day. Technology in today’s time has a backhand to all functions in the day to day life, be it personal, professional, or even domestic.

FEB 4, 2024

The Scope And Significance Of AI

AI, Artificial Intelligence Programming is an area of computer science and engineering that demonstrates the creation of intelligent machines that precisely work and react like humans. In simple words, an AI-powered system is an intelligent computer programmed system that can do human-based tasks as well as think like a human brain.

FEB 4, 2024

Tender Management

Tender Management is an accurate and precise method considered by specialists, who are experts in operating all levels of tenders. It is also known as proposal management or bid management. A successful tender thrives on competitive pricing.

FEB 4, 2024

Programming Data Transfer Amongst Apps

Data is the prime aspect on which technology thrives on and safeguards. Data transferring is one of the most time-consuming tasks and also an important part where developers require this function to test, run, integrate or even automate a particular software or technological device to a domain or a system.

FEB 4, 2024

The Pros Of Machine Learning

Machine learning in simple terms is the branch of artificial intelligence that enables systems to learn and improve from different data, patterns, and manners of input without being programmed explicitly. It is generally used to further develop computer programs and build different analytical models.

FEB 4, 2024

Why Do Most Of The Businesses Shut Down?

When an individual starts a business of his own, it sometimes is bound to shut. Startup failure is inevitable! According to the Genome 2019 report, 11 out of 12 businesses i.e 90 % of the start-ups running in the economy are bound to fail in the first three to five years itself. Any business turns out to be a demise without growth and innovation.

FEB 4, 2024